Thread subject: Explore Your Brain :: MP3 Cutter and Editor

Posted by faisal_malmsteen on 04-05-2012 14:56

Editing Commands
Deletes selected part from the mp3 document.
Deletes unselected part from the mp3 document.
Changes audio volume by specifying a percentage value.
Increases volume as high as possible without distortion.
Gradually increases the volume throughout the selection.
Gradually decreases the volume throughout the selection.
Duplicates mono track to make a stereo track.
Mixes all channels to make a mono track.

Download Here

Read manually to increase volume here

Posted by akiko si bolang on 06-05-2012 00:26

mantap broooo
izin sedot yah....

Posted by andie on 10-05-2012 06:45

wow ijin sedot bozz:gj

Posted by verix on 23-05-2012 19:34

hadir untuk menyedot.. :?bub?

Posted by charter on 24-05-2012 02:00

Udah lama nhi enggak pernah hadir di EYB.
izin sedot yha gan.

Posted by si_tunge on 11-06-2012 10:08

mendewa lagu ente gan....ane jg demen tuh lagu...

btw kalo ngerubah ekstensinya jadi flac bijimane gan?